Kisses from Katie

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In the daily barrage of grim news occurring all over the world from the collapse of the Euro, to the latest drone attack in Pakistan, to the latest plane falling out of the sky, I’ve been needing to be reminded that a single ordinary person can radically change the life of another by giving her life away. If you’re feeling anything similar, I urge you to read about the unlikely story of a girl from Nashville who went to Uganda during high school, fell in love, returned after graduation to teach in a kindergarten, and stayed to make a home for needy children in a small forgotten village. Katie Davis, a daughter of privilege, is that young woman who is raising 14 children in the red dirt clay and beauty of eastern Uganda.

Read about her incredible journey and her desire to live fully out of a sense of calling on her life in ‘Kisses from Katie’, written by Katie and Beth Clark.

I had the opportunity to meet Beth this spring when she and I sat together at church one Sunday.  When she told me she had written a book about a girl in Uganda, I was intrigued by Katie’s story  having recently lived in Uganda myself and having fallen in love there too with the gentle friendliness of Ugandans and the spectacular beauty of their country.

Beth and I had coffee recently. She was in town to attend an awards ceremony that evening for the book. Katie, being in Uganda, couldn’t be there so her parents represented her, along with Beth.  I just learned that ‘Kisses from Katie’ won a Christopher Award that night.  These awards, given annually by The Christophers, Inc, a Catholic organization, honor films, books, and TV documentaries that feature life-changing acts of compassion and the dignity of the human spirit.

If you’re looking for an inspiring book for your summer reading list, this is it. ‘Kisses from Katie’ will leave you in awe, (re-)affirm your belief that ordinary acts of faithfulness do result in radical living and it just might change your life too.  Order it here: .

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