New Birth, New Life

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pale roseThis week I had the privilege of visiting a leader of one of our community groups who’s become a friend. In the last several months, she’s taken a hiatus from her group because she’s become the mother of a sweet little girl called Hannah!

Hannah is a miracle birth.  Her parents married later in life and had been trying for 6 years to have a baby.  C was past her mid-40s and it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen for them. They had resisted any sort of medical intervention, trusting that if a child was something God wanted for them, he’d create it.

Well, He did.

Hannah will be 13 weeks old tomorrow. She seems so much older already – self-contained and observant – like an old soul. When I arrived, she was asleep in the bedroom while her mother and I sat and talked in the living room.  After some time,when Hannah stirred, C went to get her. She brought her out in her “bouncy”, where she’d been sleeping, and sat her down beside us. We continued chatting. Hannah just looked around, as if she was listening, smiling when we smiled at her, but she seemed content to be left alone. I was amazed. Hannah did eventually start fussing when she realized she was hungry. That was my cue to leave.

The following day, C told me Hannah had been looking at the yellow roses I brought and enjoying their smell too – a new learning experience for her.

What a beautiful gift to see this mother and child delighting in one another, embarking on a new life together, filled with all kinds of possibilities.

A glimpse of God’s goodness.

Pamela Brown-PetersideNew Birth, New Life

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